Photo © Simon Heather


Heart in Lakebed

Heart in Lakebed
by Milan Radisics

Awesome artistic formations come into view when the fishponds in Hungary are drained to be prepared for winter season. Shot from above, we can appreciate these indescribable formations, reminiscent of microbiology or faraway galaxies, created by a combination of slow waterflow, algae, salty ground, rotting reeds and mud. At the same time, it reveals the biological diversity of fragile water ecosystems which provides life from amoeba to the cosmos. Hungary, December 30-31. 2017 During the holiday season, fishing ponds are usually drained to prevent the shallow water from freezing completely. This is also when they catch vast quantities of fish for the Christmas table. Here we find what could be a naturally occurring fractal, remindig us of the chaotic nature of life and the mysterious patterns that underlie it.