Photo © Simon Heather

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NY on Pause
by Pablo Barrera Edward Kostakis

The city that never sleeps took a nap in 2020. A once in a lifetime opportunity for the city to rethink, reshape and wake up to a shiner tomorrow.

Runner up

Russia Coronа Moscow Covid-19
by Pushkin Fly Team

shocking drone video from Moscow as Europe's largest city was virtually shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020.

Runner up

Lockdown - Dubai
by Bachir Moukarzel

Day and night lockdown in Dubai, empty beaches, empty parks , dubai fountain and Dubai mall empty, empty streets at night

Highly commended

by Valerio Ciampicacigli

Mentre gli umani si ritirano nei loro spazi privati a causa della pandemia, la città eterna rimane immobile e si esprime con una forza nuova, prorompente. La bellezza architettonica e la storia riempiono l'assenza di vita che il mondo ha sentito durante la quarantena, ci raccont...

Highly commended

The day Lima stood still
by Daniel Martínez-quintanilla Pérez

A completely silent and paralyzed Lima emerges from the Sea to the mountains, completely unrecognizable. The usually busy and noisy capital of Peru remains extraordinarily quiet and clean for the first time in centuries due to the mandatory COVID-19 lockdown.

Highly commended

by David Etienne Durivage

Petite virée en ville pour capter à quoi ressemble Montréal ce 26 mars 2020. Interviews: Louka Durivage, Images et musique: David Etienne Durivage.

Highly commended

Unlocking Rome
by Mauro Pagliai

The Eternal City restart after the covid-19 lockdown. Drone hyperlapses over Rome. .................


by Alvise Bagagiolo

A sad but poetic Venice during the quarantine COVID 19 ... It is incredible how, despite its absurd silence of that period, it knew how to mirror its magnificent image in its clear lagoon waters, never been so transparent and crystalline ... a marriage between art, history, and u...


by Thomas Gessner

drone video of the corona lockdown in Frankfurt March 2020. The footage was captured within 2 days with a Mavic 2 Pro. This private project was offcially approved by the Frankfurt Police Department after submission of drone licence, insurance and permits for flights within the ci...


We will meet again
by Juan Fernando Rojas

Throughout its history, Guayaquil has experienced pirate invasions, fires, plagues, and more. And from all we have come out ahead. This virus will not be the exception. For Guayaquil and for Ecuador


COVID-19 Buenos Aires
by Luciano Gonzalez Perlender

We flew Buenos Aires to pay tribute to all the Doctors and health professionals who put their body and soul at the service of the pandemic.


Panama en dos minutos - EP4
by Pierre Rios

The sunset it not even the same, the city sleeps and you get to see it like never before, nobody is on the streets the biggest highways all empty, no people walking or moving, people all in fear of pandemic just stay home.


The lockdown - Dubai
by Bachir Moukarzel

Empty streets of Dubai, shot during the night where the lockdown was taking place. fully shot with drone from night till dawn