Photo © Simon Heather


Intricate Worlds

Intricate Worlds
by Jose Ramos

Watching the Earth's texture from above, through the freedom borrowed by the skies, new patterns are unveiled and creation breathes. Location: Hveravellir, Iceland Highlands This was shot in the Hveravellig geothermal area, located on the edge of the 8000 year old Kjalhraun lava field, showing one of the bubbling hot pools. I had seen some very interesting photos of the place, but was quite disappointed when I realized there was lot of smoke coming from the fumaroles, and most of the bubbling pools were quite far away from the camera, protected by ropes, to keep visitors from stepping on 100ºC soil. It was extremely difficult to find interesting angles, and then I decided to grab my Spark and try different approaches. Along with some video clips I started making vertical photos, and this composition really caught my eye! These photos do not have the detail or dynamic range of landscape images made with my Sony a7R, but one thing is for sure: I would never be able to create this image with the best camera in the world. The feeling of freedom when flying a drone over such a stunning location is quite simply amazing, and I guess I'm getting a bit addicted to it. Dji Spark Drone Freewell Media polarizer filter Manual photo mode - 1/40 seconds, ISO 100, f2.6