Photo © Simon Heather

1st classified

Empty seas and crowded shores
by Srikanth Mannepuri

This is a tale of the slowly collapsing marine life where the fastest fishes aren’t fast enough, the gentle giants not big enough, and the apex predators not strong enough to withstand the weight of human greed and over-consumption. This is a tale of emptying seas and crowded shores that soon will come to threaten the very existence of humanity.

Runner up

by Yura Borschev

This is a photo project for EVRAZ corporate calendar, showing all manufacturing facilities of the Group - which are located thousands of kilometres away from each other. Over 3 weeks, I visited 5 EVRAZ locations; I saw how steel is made and met with people, thanks to whom new bridges and stadiums come to life. What truly inspired me was how all of them are interconnected with each other, despite the distance. This grew into the core concept of the whole project: a single line made of drone’s lights connects the 12 months and all EVRAZ sites.

Highly commended

by David Gray

This series depicts the consequences of one of the most severe droughts Australia has ever endured. Up until only recently, the entire state of New South Wales was officially declared in drought. The harsh results of this almost decade-long drought are best shown from above: the devastating lack of water on the landscape, and the harsh reality that farmers had to deal with.

Highly commended

Portraits of quarantine
by Adas Vasiliauskas

When the quarantine was first declared in Lithuania, all my photography assignments in advertising and events were cancelled. I started thinking about how people can be photographed from a distance using a zoom lens, then the idea of using a drone came to me. I shot a few of my friends, the photos gained a lot of likes, and the project took off!

Highly commended

Autumn in the Arctic Circle
by > Joson

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve in Alaska is the most remote national park in the U.S, with no roads. It remains virtually unchanged except by the forces of nature. These images explore this majestic and pristine second-largest U.S. National Park -- that will soon be opened up for industrial mining. This is a last glimpse of the endangered landscape.


Shape of fishing net
by Khanh Phan


Harvesting water lilies
by Tuan Nguyen Tan


Bleeding Tears
by Yi Sun