Photo © Mariana Rivera

1st classified

Showreel 2019
by Bachir Moukarzel

this is my showreel for year 2019, an exciting journey with my drone all over dubai, from city shots to sport , Dubai from my prospective

Runner up

Colors in the real world
by Fran Arnau

Inspired by a catalan dub and world music singer, Àlex Serra, I edited this clip with my best selection of my aerial drone footage took around the world. Fly my drone above natural scenes is one of my best hobbies... Love it! Volume up and enjoy it! Ready to fly?

Runner up

Drone Showreel 2020.
by Pushkin Fly Team

Drone reel | Showreel | Aerial cinematography | Aerial videography 2020 Shot with: Dji Inspire 2 , camera: Dji X7 LED DRONE: Dji Matrice 600 Pro Locations: Russia, Kazakhstan , Ossetia , Indonesia, Dagestan, Thailand. Drone pilot, Producer, Director - Victor Pushkin

Highly commended

Image Ingo
by Ingo Gebhard

Image from the sea scapes Photographer Ingo Gebhard. The special long exposure takes Ingo to the most important photographer.

Highly commended

Lights and Air
by Mauro Pagliai

Le luci ed i cieli del GranSasso, qualcosa che non puoi rinchiudere in un frame. Hyperlapses, droni ed un cane. Lights and Air of GranSasso Massif, something that you can't lock up in a frame. Drone Hyperlapses and a dog.

Highly commended

Botswana by Drone
by Martin Harvey

If you are looking for some of the last true wilderness in Africa then Botswana is the place to go. Enjoy this aerial cinematic celebration of the Okavango Delta and the Makgadikgadi Pans. All filmed with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone. An aerial video really gives one a complete...

Highly commended

Cambodia Burning
by Sean Gallagher

Deforestation has been accelerating across Cambodia and it is estimated that there is only 3% of primary forest left throughout the country. In 2018, fires burnt in record numbers throughout the forests of north and central Cambodia. At their peak during the dry season between...

Highly commended

The Essex Coastal Path
by Philip Cooper

This is a highlights of the Essex Coastal Path in the UK, starting in Burnham on Crouch, round to Harwich, with a final shot in Skegness.

Highly commended

Real Kingdom
by Alex Casas

There is only one kingdom, and that is the kingdom of wildlife. It is the realm where there are no lies. There are no excuses. There is no mercy. But love and feelings are always there.


Drone-LasVegas ShowReel
by Raf Willems

This ShowReel gives an idea of the aerial shots we do. We are based in Las Vegas, but available all over the USA.


A journey to the Sea of Cortez
by Romain Barats

This short clip has been filmed in a single day in the sea of Cortez. Most of the time the sea is thankless and deadly calm, but in some rare days, everything happens at the same time. We've been lucky enough to enjoy one of those days, and film everything posible. It includes ma...


Unseen Australia
by Chris Tangey

Australia is so much more than the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef. It is, uniquely, both a country and a continent. This vast, empty land is the same size as the USA, but with just 25 million people. Here is just a glimpse of the Australia you didn't know about.


Iceland 2.0
by Sebastian Müller

I spend 10 days in the Highlands of Iceland and it was the most beautiful place I ever saw. I hope you like it as well.


by Coulson Tennant

Fractured explores the tensions and complications of our virtual and physical worlds. The film examines our relationship with images of the environment and how we experience these places through digital platforms. As our consumption and constructions of virtual worlds increase, o...


by Martynas Charevicius

This is my short movie about animals, both domesticated and wild. The material you see was captured in two years time, carefully selected and stored to make this video. Limited by the battery time but not by my passion for photography, I looked for cinematic shots combined with n...


My WildLive
by Martin Gregus

More often then not drones are used as a tool to capture aerials; images which we can only see from helicopters. For us however they are much more; over the last five years we have specialized in wildlife cinematography by use of drones, a technique that is unique and truly fasci...


Italia by Dron Duilio
by Fernando Bozzoletti

A country that seems to be a continent. A land of greatfathers roots, thousands of colors, landscapes and flavours that you never forget. More than 35 beatifull italian places seen from a glide of a bird.


NORWAY - majestic fjordland
by Jan Barancik

30 days without having a shower? This must have been sacrificed in order to create sometning unforgettably „fragrant“. We have visited much from what this beautiful country has offered to us, top places - Preikestolen, Trolltunga, Geiranger fjord, Lofoty, Nigardsbreen, Månafo...

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